This Privacy Policy (hereunder “Privacy Policy”) is applicable to all of the Services provided by Dotname Korea on the Fastnow Website (hereunder “Website”)

The term "personal information" means the information pertaining to an individual alive, which contains information identifying a specific person with a name, a national identification number, or similar in a form of code, letter, voice, sound, image, or any other form (including information that does not, by itself, make it possible to identify a specific person but that enables to identify such person easily if combined with another information).

For keeping your personal information safe, Dotname Korea Corporation (hereunder “DOTNAME”) will use your personal information only for the purpose of providing a better services and use it consistent with this Privacy Policy.

This is the summary of list of requirements under Article 27-2 of the Act which this Privacy Policy is based upon:
Effective Date
This Privacy Policy becomes effective from June, 1st, 2017